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ORION STOCKS LIMITED is a stock broking company offering a diversified range of financial products. It is a Financial Services Group offering a wide scope for sub- brokers, Arbitrageurs, Jobbers, and Traders & Investors in Equity, Currency and Commodities Market.
ORION STOCKS LIMITED, a company incorporated on 28.04.2008.ORION STOCKS LIMITED is a registered member of NSE and BSE wide its membership numbers NSE INB231360935 and BSE INB011360931.


To carry on Business of Share Broking and Financial Services with a social conscience, sincerity, simplicity with the support of Management Team to operates with transparency and efficiency to ensure maximum returns at minimum risk.


The values of the Company personnel are as follows:
  • Social conscience: knowing that we are part of Society.
  • Sincerity: knowing that sincerity only pays.
  • Simplicity : knowing that simplicity is reality and truth equally applies to business.
  • Income Generations : knowing that clients and investors may not be fully dependent upon the Stock Market but they want to supplement their incomes.
  • Support: knowing that we need support of Management Team, Clients and Investors.
  • Transparency and efficiency : knowing that these are the mool mantra of success.
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    Contact us
      Corporate Office of the Company :
      4806/24, 4th floor, Bharat Ram Road,
      Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi,
      Phone : 011-43036107
      Email : info@orionstocks.in

      Customers can send in their grievances to:   grievances@orionstocks.in
      Phone No. : 011-43036107
      Compliance Officer Details :
       Mr.Vinay Gupta,
      Mobile : +91-9873676882
      Email : compliance@orionstocks.in
      Principal Officer Details :
      Mrs. Sunita Gupta ,
      Contact : 011-43036107
      Email : Info@orionstocks.in
    NSE INB231360935
    NSE INF231360935
    BSE INB011360931
    BSE INF011360931
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