ORION STOCKS LIMITED is a stock broking company offering a diversified range of financial products. It is a Financial Services Group offering a wide scope for sub- brokers, Arbitrageurs, Jobbers, and Traders & Investors in Equity. ORION STOCKS LIMITED, a company incorporated on 28.04.2008.ORION STOCKS LIMITED is a registered member of NSE and BSE wide its membership numbers NSE INB231360935 and BSE INB011360931.
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  • Derivatives (F&O)
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    Contact us
      Corporate Office of the Company :
      4806/24, 4th floor, Bharat Ram Road,
      Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi,
      Phone : 011-43036107
      Email : info@orionstocks.in

      Customers can send in their grievances to:   grievances@orionstocks.in
      Phone No. : 011-43036107
      Compliance Officer Details :
       Mr.Vinay Gupta,
      Mobile : +91-9873676882
      Email : compliance@orionstocks.in
      Principal Officer Details :
      Mrs. Sunita Gupta ,
      Contact : 011-43036107
      Email : Info@orionstocks.in
    NSE INB231360935
    NSE INF231360935
    BSE INB011360931
    BSE INF011360931
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